US TaeKwonDo Academy Programs

We are one of the premier martial arts school in the state.  We were runner-up at the 2014 and 2016 SC State Taekwondo Championship, and our school was the 2015 State Champions.  We teach quality programming in tae kwon do (taekwondo is also known as “Korean karate”) to students from the following areas:

-Irmo, SC

-Ballentine, SC

-Chapin, SC

-Columbia, SC

-Lexington, SC


We offer the following programs in one of the state’s premier taekwondo and martial arts school:


Lil’ Champs Program:   This program is geared towards children who are 3-5 years old.  This will be a special class designed to help young children develop coordination and focus while teaching some basic tae kwon do techniques.   We incorporate plenty of games and activities to make the lessons fun and interactive for all of the children. 


Regular Classes: There is plenty to like about our classes.  With our regular classes, we offer our full curriculum to all of the students.  (Please see the curriculum page for detailed information). These classes are for children, teenagers, and adults.  We offer special classes for children and adults as well as open classes geared towards people of all ages and family members that would like to take the classes together. 


Family-Focused and Adult-Focused Classes: There is plenty to like about our classes.  But these classes are focused specifically on two groups:  families and adults.  We still offer our full curriculum in these classes!  (Please see the curriculum page for detailed information).


• In our family class, we encourage students of all levels and ages!!   It’s great for parents that want to take class together with their child. But we also accept just children and just adults in the class! 

• In our adults class (Columbia location only), we offer our full curriculum in an adult-friendly environment. We focus a bit more on fitness and self-defense in these classes.  


Fitness Classes (Columbia location only):  For those that are looking only to get in shape, then we offer a fantastic cardio kick program for fitness.  So burn those calories in an energizing environment!  People of all levels are welcome. We will work with you to ensure you meet your fitness goals! Don’t be afraid and try us out!  


U-Crew Teams: What is the U-Crew? The U-Crew is our competition and demonstration teams.


•  The U-Crew Competition Team is open to students that are interested in specialized classes designed to maximize everyone’s sparring skills.  This will help prepare students for tournament participation. Great sparring skills are not needed, and in fact, this team will be great for anyone who wishes to develop those skills.   Students in this team will compete locally, regionally and even nationally!


•The U-Crew Demo Team is our school’s performance group.  We go out into the community and competitions and showcase our tae kwon do skills such as breaking, self-defense and kicking.   Students will get to learn cool, fancy kicks, learn how to act and break lots of boards! This group is the face of the school in the community.  The Demo Team will perform in such events as the Columbia International Festival and various other school/community events.


•The U-Crew Poomsae Team is our school’s competitive forms/poomsae team. This is open to students interested in specialized classes designed to maximize competition-level poomsae skills and techniques. Students in this team will compete locally, regionally, and even nationally!